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Hearsay is an Edmonton based alternative rock band whose influences range everywhere from the Strokes to Radiohead. Formed in 2010 under the name Valley, the boys practiced relentlessly with the aspiration to revive the vintage sounds of bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. After a revolving door of members, they settled on what is now the current, concrete lineup; and with such a change, a new name was in order. The name Hearsay came about as a reference to the local music scene; Hearsay refers to word of mouth, you hear the music, talk about it to your friends, and in a repetitive cycle one can hope to gain recognition. As a result of this rebirth, the boys redirected their composition of songs from a classic rock standpoint, to that of a more modern sound. Hearsay currently frequents the Edmonton music scene playing festivals and bars. They have recently finished their first five song EP entitled Young Fools, which does not currently have a release date. They released the first single entitled Confidence, Arrogance for free download in February via their SoundCloud page. Please continue to share local music. Hear it, say it.

Hearsay is....

Nick Stehelin

Nick is the lead vocalist and primary lyricist of Hearsay. His energy and presence on stage has been compared to that of Mick Jagger and Pelle Almqvist of the Hives. His dance moves, however, have been compared to that of a malfunctioning robot fighting off bees. His mission is to avoid the norm as much as possible in writing music and aim to make something different that the average listener may not initially pick up.

Mitch Lohmeier

Mitch is the drummer and founding member of Hearsay. His thrilling flare on the kit makes for some great entertainment value, as well; his level of sweat is so great it is used to power small factories. Tired of being hidden behind guitar amps on stage for years, Mitch makes it his goal as an entertainer to make it appear as though sitting on a stool behind four guys for forty five minutes is the most exciting thing one can do.

Adam Sobkowicz

Adam is guitarist and effects master of Hearsay. He is influenced by the technical and powerful guitar work of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and is working at making his pedal board at least twice the size of his. Adam uses multitudes of unique soundscapes to create an overwhelming sensation of electric, yet almost orchestral melodies; so much so that we believe he has forgotten he even plays guitar.

Jake Kazakoff

Jake is guitarist and heart throb of Hearsay. His mellow tones and general relaxed sound bring them an extra element to add to the mix. When needed, Jake turns up the heat and pulls out all his built up anger into the form of an excitedly played riff or perfectly executed solo. Hearsay gets most of their gigs not through talent, but through the promise to the promoter of a romantic evening spent with Jake.

Doug Parth

Doug is bassist and of Hearsay; the final piece of the puzzle. He is a well accomplished multi-instrumentalist who, rather than uses his talents to play piano at carnegie hall, chooses to rock the bass with Hearsay.

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